Gain full control and visibility over your network with the simplicity of a social network interface.

Establish direct connects with the companies that are mission-critical to your business.


The only platform to fully automate Layer 2 and Layer 3 configuration.

Console will also keep you informed in real-time so you never miss an important network event.


Improve network security and performance with a simple click of a button.

Bypass the security pitfalls of the public Internet, such as DDoS attacks and network blackholing, and deliver a consistent user experience that’s private and secure.


Connect your business privately and directly to your trusted partners.

Gain private, high performance and consistent access to a global ecosystem of business-critical cloud infrastructure providers, SaaS providers, and other enterprise partners.

Introducing Console

The next-generation of interconnection

Over the last 20 years the scale of the Internet has increased dramatically, and with it the volume of data which is carried. Many mission-critical applications have gone from “on-premise” to “on-cloud”.  This has exposed the Internet – a vehicle that was never designed for mission-critical purposes – to traffic it was never intended to carry.

With the ongoing growth of public Internet vulnerabilities such as DDoS attacks, network blackholing and cyber terrorism, bypassing the public internet and connecting directly to business-critical cloud partners has never been more important. But these direct network-to-network interconnections have historically been costly and complex to implement.

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